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Register a new domain for FREE when you buy Web Hosting.

com/net/org/biz/info only. Domain must be registered as part of a new order to obtain this special offer.

We bill yearly because we are a low-cost service. Our Hosting Fees are as follows:

50 MB Hosting Account US$3.00 per year AU$4.04 per year
110 MB Hosting Account US$6.00 per year AU$8.07 per year
250 MB Hosting Account US$12.00 per year AU$16.14 per year
550 MB Hosting Account US$24.00 per year AU$32.29 per year
1200 MB Hosting Account US$48.00 per year AU$64.58 per year
2500 MB Hosting Account US$96.00 per year AU$129.15 per year
Web Based Email US$10.00 per year AU$13.45 per year
Email Forwarding US$15.00 per year AU$20.18 per year
External Mailserver US$15.00 per year AU$20.18 per year
POP Mailbox US$25.00 per year AU$33.63 per year
Private FTP Access US$15.00 per year AU$20.18 per year
Weekly Backup US$15.00 per year AU$20.18 per year
Extra Disk Space
(in 10MB blocks)
US$10.00 each per year AU$13.45 each per year
Host Extra Domains US$3.00 - 48.00 each per year AU$4.04 - 64.58 each per year
Spam Filtering US$5.00 per year AU$6.73 per year
Wordpress FREE
Change Domain Name Hosted on Account 1 FREE per year.
US$1 for each additional change.


  • Click here to see a full list of our standard account features.
  • We update our prices on a regular basis, however due to currency fluctuations, prices may vary without notice.
  • Hosting and Upgrade fees are non-refundable.
  • Australian credit card holders are subject to an additional 10% GST. This does NOT apply to customers in any other location, such as the United States.
  • These prices are valid from December 4, 2020.

If you have other questions, you can find more information in our Help Center.

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